Product Display:

Functional Description:

Telephone answer:

  • Reject call

  • Terminate call

  • End code replay

  • Voice dialing

Talk to each other:

  • Start Bluetooth intercom

  • End Bluetooth intercom


  • song / next song

  • stop / play

  • volume double

Double link:

  • F1 Bluetooth headset and mobile phone helmet (GPS or Bluetooth device) mobile phone and Bluetooth headset pairing F1

  • two Taiwan after successful pairing, the first mobile phone call, you can click the multifunction button to answer or no operation in 10s, will automatically answer; second sets of mobile phone calls, only click the multifunction key for answer.

  • Double - click the multi - function key to hang up the incoming call of the second mobile phone . If you need to switch to another mobile phone to play music , first click the multi - function key to pause the playing music , and then press the multi - function key about 2s to go to the music of another cell phone , and then click the multi - function key to play the mobile phone music .

GPS navigator:

  • ensure that the GPS navigator has Bluetooth features. When paired with headphones, earphones can share the broadcast in the GPS navigator

Firmware Upgrade:

  • F1 If firmware upgrade is required , connect it to the PC first , and install the corresponding upgrade software on the computer before connecting F1

PTT function:

  • This feature needs to be used with Deqing's Bluetooth adapter

  • Match between F1 Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth Adapter

  • Under the condition of successful match between F1 Bluetooth headset and Deqing Bluetooth Adapter. F1 multi-function key is equivalent to a PTT button, control intercom; In this state, the multi-function key can not adjust FM radio and mobile phone music, only if not connected to the Deqing adapter Disconnect the F1 Bluetooth helmet headset from the Bluetooth adapter, and you can reuse the multi-function key-pair music. FM radio control.

  • When the adapter and phone are connected to the F1 Bluetooth headset at the same time. Only one phone is allowed to connect to the headset

  • When the adapter and phone are connected to the F1 Bluetooth headset, F1 can still be used to answer and hang up the phone. Short click the multi-function key to answer the phone, double-click the switch machine key to reject calls, in the phone state, double-click the switch machine key to hang up the phone


Specification Parameter

Bluetooth Version : V3.0
Supported Profiles : HSP, HFP, A2DP,AVRCP
Working Time : 8 Hours
Standby Time : 200 Hours
Charge Time : About 3 Hours
Intercom Range : 800 Meters Fully-duplex
Micorphone Type : DSP Cancellation Mic
Battery type : 500mA/3.7v Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
Working temperature : -15︒C~45︒C
Storage temperature : -25︒C~60︒C

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